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Reef Guardian and Coral Survey Training

Train with OceansWatch New Zealand


OceansWatch is committed to the continual improvement of marine ecosystem health and the livleihood of coastal communities, especially in the face of climate change, which is why we're passionate about passing on our knowledge to the next generation.  


We have a well established program in New Zealand, where you'll learn how to carry out marine conservation projects like our own, and empower local communities to become stewards of their ocean environments.  You will then be expected to put your new skills to good use upon your return, and assist with an OceansWatch North America project for an agreed length of time.


What is Reef Guardian Training?


The Reef Guardian program is a unique OceansWatch initiative designed to provide communities with a framework for monitoring their marine resources.  We have developed a simple, qualitative survey method for monitoring key indicator species, while also respecting local traditional ecological knowledge.  You will learn how to train local Reef Guardians, who can then help their communities to make informed decisions about the use of marine resources, that are consistent with ecosystem based management principles.


We're looking for:


Students, recent graduates, or professionals in marine biology, environmental studies, international development, or a related field


Dedicated conservationists and environmentalists


Some (or lots of) sailing experience, or at least a keen interest in sailing


An interest in diving and snorkling


Easy-going and responsible people





At this time, we are not able to offer scholarships directly.  We can, however, provide fiscal sponsorship: you will be able to raise your own funds through crowd-sourcing, and any donations to you will be tax-exempt as donations to a charitable nonprofit (OceansWatch).



How to apply


Please fill out our member form, upload your CV and cover letter, and then email them to, directly to OWNZ, with the subject heading "Train With Oceanswatch NZ".





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