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Edward William Marine Insurance

OceansWatch has a sponsorship arrangement with Edward William Marine Services, an international insurance brokers.

OceansWatch founder Chris Bone has worked with this company for many years through Pacific Yacht Deliveries and have found them to be reliable, easy to deal with and have paid out promptly on claims. Edward Williams now offer a 7.5% discount to OceansWatch members and also give OceansWatch a commission.

Below is an insurance form for you to fill in to receive a quote.




You must give true and full answers to all the questions as failure to disclose material facts could result in your policy being invalidated or not protecting you in the event of a claim.


Material facts are those which might influence the acceptance or assessment of your proposal. If you are in any doubt as to whether a fact is material you must disclose it.

The Company reserves the right to decline any proposal.

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