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We work in partnership with coastal communities, sailors, skilled professionals, and resources to protect our oceans, create sustainable solutions, and promote environmental education in island coastal communities.

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Cruising With A Cause Inc.

March 18, 2020

Hurricane Dorian; the Next Stage of Recovery and the Cruising Community this Winter Season

September 26, 2019

Hurricane Dorian; OWNA steps up our program to Provide Up-to-Date Information, Logistical support, Data Gathering APP, at upcoming Annapolis Boat Show...

September 15, 2019

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Bahama Relief Campaign





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Hurricane Dorian destroyed the homes of over 15,000 Bahamian families. After seeing the conditions for myself, we began the ADOPT-A-ROOF campaign. As first stage relief is completed and Bahamians have food and water, the next stage begins.... they need a roof over their head. Help provide the  materials for a strong functional roof that will be more than temporary and easy to apply. Donate directly to Eagles Wings FoundationHope4hopetown: GoFundMe or Hope Town Sailing Club now and Raise-A-Roof for a family today.  

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